Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

          How to cook the perfect steak? No need for fancy cooking skills by ensuring the quality of the steak itself all you need is salt and pepper. Less is always more with Black Onyx Angus Beef and Rangers Valley Wagyu. Everyone has their own preference for how their steaks are cooked some prefer rare, medium rare, or well done but we can all agree that a perfectly cooked steak no matter how you like it makes the Black Onyx Angus and Rangers Valley Wagyu experience even better. Below are some tips on how to elevate your steak experience: 

1. Thaw Meat Properly

Always remove meat from the refrigerator 20-30 minutes prior to cooking. If meat is too cold, cooking time, flavoring and tenderness, will be negatively affected. 

2. Pat Dry Before Cooking

After removing from plastic, make sure to pat dry the steak using thick paper towels. This will get rid of any residual moisture, ensuring that the steak gets crisp and caramelized. 

3. Salt Ahead of Cooking

Season meat with salt flakes directly before cooking or 40 minutes prior to cooking. Salting ahead of time draws out the moisture from the meat, dissolves the salt flakes and reabsorbs back into the meat. Allow enough time for reabsorption to happen. Otherwise, moisture at the top will evaporate once it hits the pan, resulting in tough meat. 

4. Pan Fry, not Barbecue

Barbecue and char grills are too hot and will result to a dry steak. Instead, cook in a nonstick pan over medium heat, without any added fats. The marbled fat will baste the meat from inside as it slowly melts, resulting in great flavor. If you will use oil, wait for the oil to be hot enough for white smoke to appear before adding in the steak.To finish, increase the heat and sear the steak to have a golden caramel crust. Cook steak 1-1:30 min. on each side for 3/4 inch, 1:30-2:00 min. on each side for 1 inch, 2-2:30 min. on each side for 1/5 inch. 

5. Let it Rest

Resting the steak is important for redistribution of moisture. Cutting too soon after cooking will cause moisture to end up on the plate or chopping board. Allow the steak to rest by 1/3 of the time it takes to cook, so the moisture stays in the steak. 

         Last, and perhaps the most important part of cooking the steak is sitting down and enjoying the exquisite taste that Black Onyx Angus and Rangers Valley Wagyu offers. 


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