The Australian Wagyu Difference

The Australian Wagyu Difference


The Gold Medalist Award for the Crossbred Wagyu Competition

It is extremely difficult to compare Australian Wagyu to Japanese Wagyu. Like wine, the location of the cattle farm greatly affects the taste and quality of Wagyu. 
Factors such as climate, soil, and production processes greatly affects the taste, texture, and quality. Australia's soils, rainfall, climate and grasses are all different from Japan's. All beef should be celebrated for these difference.
Further differentiating between brands, Wagyu brand owners often enter competitions held by different associations.The most coveted award among all Wagyu brand owners in Australia is the branded beef Wagyu competition.
A coveted competition between Wagyu brand owners, the event showcases the very best of Australian produced Wagyu to create an exceptional eating experience that is characteristic of Wagyu. Bringing home the gold medalist award for the crossbred Wagyu category Rangers Valley, WX 9 offers the most exquisite melt in your mouth experience with every bite. 
rangers valley wagyu
Image by WX Ranger's Valley
100% Wagyu sire is crossed with a dam chosen from a range of breeds for genetic superiority, environmental adaptability, and ancestral marbling; rather than just breed alone. 
Categorized by marble score, our WX range include WX, WX5+, WX7+ and the elite WX9. The Rangers Valley Wagyu available in our stores has an impressive WX5+ marble score. 
WX cattles are allowed to develop naturally and are fed slowly over 360 days. This slow feeding process ensures a natural growth rate, maximizing the natural marbling found in Wagyu cross plus consistency and an outstanding flavor.
Taste our Rangers Valley Wagyu the winner of the 2019 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition available for delivery through Porter's Pantry Ph. Skip the traffic and the lines we deliver in Metro Manila area. No need to go out just #steakathome with us!


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